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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Performers

Found in 210 Collections and/or Records:

4th International Circus Festival Programme, c1960 - 1999

Reference code: 178K41.18
Scope and Contents

Monte Carlo. Trio Antares acrobats, Arils Arnardo comic acrobats, Jack Bremlov Juggler, Buby and Jule clowns, Les Canestrelli trampoline act, Les Carrillo Brothers, Duo Carrington dressage, Les 6 Otaries de Clive, Miss Dawn and parrots, Jack Rhodin and chimpanzees, Les Segreras equilibrists, Les Silagis, Les Waldemar and many others. Three fold programme, contains illustration on the cover with photos.

Dates: c1960 - 1999

Acro-Batty Film, c1944 - 1964

 Item — Box Noel Drewe Box 8: Series 178D5
Reference code: 178D5.58
Scope and Contents

16mm, Cyldon, Eastman Kodak Company. 400 feet, 11 minutes long. Black and White, with Sound. Includes Boxing - Cassius Clay vs George Chivald. Variable density sound. Either 1944 or 1964 written on tin. Copied to DVD 3 and DIGI-BETA.

Dates: c1944 - 1964

Acrobatic Act Print, 1974

Reference code: 178V11.67
Scope and Contents

Black and white etching showing a troupe of thirteen acrobats performing a pyramid act in a circus ring produced for the Club du Cirque 25th anniversary in April 1974, signed on bottom left [illegible].

Dates: 1974

Acrobatic Performers, c1920 - 1930

Reference code: 178C83.8
Scope and Contents

Photographic print of acrobatic performers. The female performer is believed to be Victoria Craston and the man maybe her brother Joe.

Dates: c1920 - 1930

Acrobats, c1940 - 1950

Reference code: 178C83.181
Scope and Contents

Mixed group of acrobats performing in a park with Victoria Craston balancing in the middle.

Dates: c1940 - 1950

Alhambra Theatre of Varieties Programme, 5 July 1897

Reference code: 178K53.43
Scope and Contents

Leicester Square, London, Emmy's Trained Toy Terriers, The Tzigane, Musical Dale, Dagmar and De Celle, Mlle La Tostia, May and Flora Hengler, The Frank Bonhair Troupe of Acrobats, Miss Cissie Loftus, Victoria and Merrie England, Sells and Young. Colour illustration of chrubs and two women floating in the air holding wreaths of flowers and a banner with the theatre's name on it on a golden background on the front, on the reverse programme, 1p.

Dates: 5 July 1897

Alhambra Theatre Programme, 19 November 1900

Reference code: 178K53.100
Scope and Contents

Red type on off white background and a crescent moon and a star on front cover, inside black and white illustrations of the teatre building, introduction to The Handy Man, commercial advertising, programme of sporting events, programme in the centre listing Du Cane Trio, The Animatograph, A Patriotic Military Ballet, Mr Edward Lauri, M & Mlle. theresa, The Hills, Mlle. Helene Gerard, The Marvellous Craggs, Cincinatti Juggler, The Handy Man, Webb & Hassan and Huline Bros. 5p.p.

Dates: 19 November 1900

Amphitheatre Poster, Monday 9 November 1829 and rest of the week

Reference code: 178R47.25
Scope and Contents Mr. Ducrow as Rob Roy or the Mountain Shepherd equestrian act, Greek Soldier, Lilliputian Bonaparte and his pygmy war horse equestrian act, Mr. Ducrow and Miss Woolford double tightrope act, Russians and Turks combat, The Attack of the Courier, Col. Ross and the Officers of the Fourth Dragoon Guards, Mr. Ducrow as the Grecian Statue. Black type on off white background with illustration of man stood up on horse back holding a shield and sword on top section. Printed by H. Bellerby, Printer,...
Dates: Monday 9 November 1829 and rest of the week

Anglo-American Circus Poster, Friday 4 Saturday 5 May 1945

Reference code: 178R47.40
Scope and Contents Redditch, Beoley Road, Recreation Ground. Jumbo, The Alleys acrobatic act, Marthines troupe of performing dogs, The Albertas juggling act, Miss Rosey and her comedy horse, Mdlle. Rigley equestrian act, The Nondescripts, Black Eagle, Gerry Lee and Partner, Madam Mazelle om poblie wom womskie comedy act, Royal Cream ponies, Tiney and September, Prince Abdul, A host of clowns, Vokes strongman. Black type on yred, yellow and white background on the left hand side and colour illustration of...
Dates: Friday 4 Saturday 5 May 1945

Argyle Theatre Collection

Reference code: NFA0117
Scope and Contents

This collection contains a large number of posters as well as business records including records of artist bookings, accounts, scrapbooks, contracts and correspondence.

Dates: 1865 - 1941

Argyle Theatre of Varieties Poster, Week commencing Monday 16 October 1899

Reference code: 178R27.238
Scope and Contents

Birkenhead. Tom Leamore comedian, The Four Vampires pantomimists, Major Doyle Lilliputian Comedian, Robert Gilbert’s marvellous troupe of acrobatic dogs, The Three Sisters Slater-song and dance, Jesse Burton baritone and descriptive vocalist, The Vitascope, The 2 Emeralds duettists and expert dancers, Lily Marney Irish Comedienne. Red, blue and yellow type on white background. Printed by S Griffith & Co, Printers, Liverpool.

Dates: Week commencing Monday 16 October 1899

Argyle Theatre of Varieties Poster, Week commencing 10 November 1890

Reference code: 178R27.3
Scope and Contents Birkenhead. Miss Maud Distin Lady Baritone, Mr Ben Fielding, Miss Nellie Gertine Double-voiced Vocalist, Mad’lle Desirie in ‘Mystia’ a series of charming illusions, Brothers Bondolas The Monarchs of the Air, Mr Andy Rhyne Eccentric Knockabout Vocalist, Acrobat & Grotesque, Miss Julia Hanson Burlesque Actress, Mr George Ripon Comedian, Miss Eva Johnson Serio-Ballad Vocalist, Mr Joe Fredricks 'negro' Comedian and Dancer, Mons. Dusoni’s Great and Unequalled Troupe of Trained Performing Dogs...
Dates: Week commencing 10 November 1890

Argyle Theatre of Varieties Poster, Week commencing Monday 1 August 1892

Reference code: 178R27.2
Scope and Contents

Birkenhead. Grand re-opening. The Killeno Family Male and Female Acrobats, Miss Myra Massey Double-voiced Vocalist, Captain Slingsby The Intercepted Letter, Mr Frank Seymour Eccentric Comedian, Vocalist and Dancer, Evalo and Roisso The Clown and the Turk, Mr J. Forde Irish Comedian, Vocalist and Dancer, Prof. Norton Royal Court Conjuror and Card King, Poole’s Minstrels. Green and red type on off white background. Printed by S. Griffith & Co, Printers, Liverpool.

Dates: Week commencing Monday 1 August 1892

Argyle Theatre of Varieties Poster, Week commencing 24 March 1890

Reference code: 178R27.6
Scope and Contents Birkenhead. Thatcher and Leopold American Black and White Face, Comedians, Miss Annie Sharland Serio-Comic and Ballad Vocalist, Mr George Langston Comedian and Dancer, Madame Sanyeah with Her Highly Trained Performing Dogs, and Wonderful Goat assisted by Little Letto, Acrobat, Carl Freeman Conjuror, illusionist, Wonder Worker, Card and Coin Manipulator, Messrs. Geraghty and Gilligan Conversational Comedians, Wal Curtis Comedian, Vocalist and Dancer, Mr George Ripon. Black and yellow type on...
Dates: Week commencing 24 March 1890

Argyle Theatre of Varieties Poster, 18 November 1889

Reference code: 178R12.5
Scope and Contents Argyle Theatre of Varieties, Birkenhead. Richard Geldard character comedian, Miss Florence Eugene, Messrs. Milton and Norris Pantomimists, musicians and acrobatic dancers, J.B. Sinclair English, Irish and Scotch descriptive and motto vocalist, The Clayton twins English, American and Dutch Character impersonators, The Comical Puzzle or, which is which of the two? Assisted by sisters Wood and Willis, Will Hoare novelty dancer, Mr Harry Carsdale mimic. Printed by S. Griffith and Co, typeers,...
Dates: 18 November 1889

Argyle Theatre of Varieties Poster, 24 February 1890

Reference code: 178R12.8
Scope and Contents Argyle Theatre of Varieties, Birkenhead. The Olympian Quintette American Humorists, Sweet Vocalists introducing Glees, Trios and Miscellaneous Song, Emilie Presto Serio-comic, Hornpipe and Scottish Dancer, Captain Austin Champion Rifle Shot of the World, Jim Henderson Vocal Comedian and Dancer, Burns and Leech Merry Whimsical Musical Pair, Mr Fred Howe Comedian, high Pedestal Acrobatic Blade Skate, Dancer and Variety Artiste, Messrs. Cornish, Hardy, Sampson and the Bros. Slocum, American...
Dates: 24 February 1890

Argyle Theatre of Varieties Poster, 13 October 1890

Reference code: 178R12.14
Scope and Contents Argyle Theatre of Varieties, Birkenhead. The Baldwin Cat Renowned Parachutist!, Miss Selina Seaford Operatic and Ballad Vocalist Will Tyrrell New Lion Comique, Miss Peggy Pond Mimic, Vocalist, Actress and Dancer, Messrs. Bickley and Barron Refined Musical Comedian, Duettists and Dancers Bob Martin ‘Silence and Fun’, Miss Florence Hayes Everybody’s Favourite Patriotic, Extempore and Serio-Comic Lady, T.H. Spears, Military Monarch Vocal Character and Descriptive, Vocalist, Mr. A.P. Boswell...
Dates: 13 October 1890

Argyle Theatre of Varieties Poster, 19 September 1892

Reference code: 178R12.29
Scope and Contents Argyle Theatre of Varieties, Birkenhead. The Olympian Quintette American, Humorists and Glee Singers, Miss Marion Bosanquet Vocalist and Dancer, Mr Walter Read Character Comic, Miss Leza Leoni Serio Comic Vocalist and Adroit Dancer Cornish, Hardy, Sampson and Brothers Slocum in "Return from Kansas City", Miss Belle Glen Serio and Dancer, Victor Vernon Eccentric Character Comedian, Andy Rhyn and Miss Marie Hanson Acrobatic Dancers, Mons. Le Clair ‘in His Refined Speciality, Introducing His...
Dates: 19 September 1892

Argyle Theatre of Varieties Poster, 12 December 1892

Reference code: 178R12.35
Scope and Contents Argyle Theatre of Varieties, Birkenhead. Mr Tom Bassett Impersonator, Miss Ruth Grovesnor Serio-Comic Vocalist and Dancer, Messrs. Ashford and Guinard Character Dilineators, Miss Nellie Oldene Serio-Comic Vocalist and Burlesque Actress, Miss J. Matthews Lady Acrobatic and Talking Clown, Mr Austin Lenton Vocal Comedian and Burlesque Actor, Sisters Albert (Rose and Blanche) Duettists and Song and Dance, Artistes, Mr Frank Hayward Comic Vocalist and Descriptive Actor, Little Tony Midget...
Dates: 12 December 1892

Argyle Theatre of Varieties Poster, 14 August 1893

Reference code: 178R12.44
Scope and Contents Argyle Theatre of Varieties, Birkenhead. Arthur Sullivan and Ethel Silvena in 'A Dutchman’s Courtship', Great American Speciality Stars Includes Songs, Dances and Quick Changes, Miss Vesta Sunshine Little Actress, Mr. F.A. Burnand Vocal Character Comedian, Sandy and Carl The Two Dromios, Miss Lizzie Payne Burlesque Actress and Dancer, Miss Alice Townsend Soprano and Burlesque Actress, The Three Volbecques Acrobatic Sketch Artistes, Miss Daisy Gertrude Serio Comic and Top-Boot Dancer, Bob...
Dates: 14 August 1893