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Circus Krone (Established 1905)



  • Existence: Established 1905


Circus Krone was founded by Carl Krone (1870-1943) in 1905, after he inherited his father’s Continental Menagerie in 1900. In 1919 Krone commissioned a permanent wooden structure in Munich to serve as a performance venue in the winter season and the circus’ headquarters. During the summer season when Krone went back on the road, the building was hired out for events and between 1920 and 1930 it was infamously used by the Nazi Party to deliver political speeches, including seven by Hitler himself.

The circus continued operating throughout the Second World War until in 1944 the building was destroyed by heavy allied bombardment. The following year a temporary structure was built in its place at the request of U.S. allied forces who wanted to present a show to General George S. Patton. Although the Krone family were able to go back to the business, this was only for a short time as the building was confiscated by the American governors between 1946 and 1948. Eventually, the building was returned to the family, which at this point the business was in the hands of Carl’s daughter Frieda Sembach-Krone and her husband Carl Sembach. The erection of a replacement permanent building however was not completed until 1962.

Between 1959 and 2008, the Circus Krone Building hosted the annual televised German gala, Stars in der Manege. During the 1960s and 1970s it hosted some of the biggest popular music names of all times including the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and AC/DC and a range of international personalities such as Muhammad Ali.

Circus Krone remains one of the largest in Europe and one of the few in Western Europe, along with Cirque d'hiver, Cirque d'hiver d'Amiens, Cirque Roya, Yarmouth Hippodrome and Blackpool Tower Circus to occupy a permanent building.

Circus Krone remains in the same family to this day and continues to operate the same business model as at is inception, travelling during the summer season while renting the building out, and delivering the family’s circus shows in the winter season.

Found in 31 Collections and/or Records:

3 Ring Circus, Caroli Family, Busch Roland, Cirque Jean Richard and Freida Semback Krone Circus Films, 1954 - 1982

Reference code: 178D13.11
Scope and Contents Paramount Pictures, BR/SRG, 1Plus. Colour and black and white, sound and background music. DVD1 3 Ring Circus film starring Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin 1954, BBC2 programming 01:57:10 mins. DVD2 'Die Caroli Familie' documentary narrated in German, showing the Caroli family acts from Circus Krone and interviews, dialogues in Italian, Cirque Jean Richard, narrated in French, showing a birthday celebration, circus acts, circus children in school, rehersals, animal acts, Cossacks, etc,...
Dates: 1954 - 1982

16th Monte Carlo Circus Festival, Cicus Maximum and Circus Krone Films, 1991 - 1996

Reference code: 178D13.12
Scope and Contents Cates Films (BR, ORF, Telmondis, WKP), BR TV, 1ARD TV, Bayerischen Rundfunks (ORF, SF, DRS). Colour and black and white, sound and background music. DVD1 16th Monte Carlo Circus Festival 1992, tv broadcast narrated in German, showing circus acts and some behind the scenes footage with interviews, Circus Maximum documentary showing the build up, narrated in Swedish, showing circus acts and interviews, 02:00:21 mins. DVD2 Circus Krone tv broadcast, showing circus act, build up and interviews,...
Dates: 1991 - 1996

23 Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain, 21 Zirjusfestival, Zirkus van Morgen, Cirque du Demain, Stars in der Manege and Cirkus Krone Films, 1998 - 2002

Reference code: 178D13.16
Scope and Contents ARTE TV, WDR, Progam 33, 1ARD TV. Colour, sound and background music. DVD1 23 Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain, Paris 2002, tv broadcast narrated in German, showing circus acts and interviews as well as behind the scenes footage, also advertising and TV programming at the end, 01:22:07 mins. DVD2 21 Zirkusfestival Paris, Zirkus von Morgen, Cirque Demain 1988, tv broadcast narrated in German, showing the circus festival acts, Stars in der Manege, Cirkus Krone, Munich, showing circus acts...
Dates: 1998 - 2002

Blackpool Tower Circus Posters, c1930 - 1990

Reference code: 178R47.141-212
Scope and Contents

Posters for Blackpool Tower Circus including shows by Knie's Circus, Circus Krone, Circus Schumann, Bertram Mills Circus, Robert Brothers Circus and performances by Charlie Cairoli, Doddles, Coco the Clown, The Rosaires, Lilly Yokoi, Alfred Court, Vojtek Trubka, The Great Wallendas and Mary Chipperfield among others.

Dates: c1930 - 1990

Blackpool Tower Circus Programme, Summer season 1956

Reference code: 178K27.83
Scope and Contents Charlie Cairoli, Gilbert Houcke with the Circus Krone’s famous tigers, Krone’s wonderful Arab stallions, Krone’s Shetland ponies in The Children’s Nursery, Jozsi Vinicky, The See-Hee Troupe, The Theda Sisters, Edith Crocker and her Wonderful Bears, Krone’s Golden Horse ‘Pegasus’with his elephant friend ‘Lony’, The Zemgannos, Tibor Alexander and his dog revue, The D’Angoly’s king Kong, Tom and Jerry, The Heltanos. Contains colour illustrations on front cover and photographs of the acts...
Dates: Summer season 1956

Christopher Palmer Collection

Reference code: NFA0105
Scope and Contents

Circus programmes and VHS tapes from Billy Smart’s Circus and Chipperfields’s Circus collected during the 1970s and early 1980s by the TV producer, Christopher John Palmer. There are also a number of promotional photographs of artistes and other ephemera related to the circus.

Dates: 1973 - 1983

Circus Films, c1950 - 1959

Reference code: 178D24.6
Scope and Contents

Copy of film on DVD showing circus scenes outside the tent, circus parade, trampoline acts, female aerial acts, acrobatics, clowning, wild animal acts, equestrian acts, dancing, tumbling, slack rope act, animal performance, city views and tents and buildings for Circus Krone, Pinders and Billy Smart Circus. Colour, silent.

Dates: c1950 - 1959

Circus Friends Association Collection

Reference code: NFA0122
Scope and Contents

This collection consists of a large library of books and journals, as well as archival material including posters, programmes, photographs, films, handbills, research material, scrapbooks, original artwork and many other items of ephemera relating to British, Irish and European circuses

Dates: 1795 - 2020

Circus Krone and Jumbo Films, 1984

Reference code: 178D13.13
Scope and Contents

Bayerischen Rundfunks, Metro Goldwyn Mayer. Colour, sound and background music. DVD1 Circus Krone tv broadcast, showing circus acts and animal acts, narrated in German, 1984, 'Stars in der Manege' Circus Krone tv broadcast, gala in favour of old artiste and journalists in Circus Kronen, narrated in German, 02:00:21 mins. DVD2 Billy Rose's Jumbo film starring Doris Day, Stephen Boyd, Jimmy Durante and Martha Raye, 02:12:19 mins. Germany and America.

Dates: 1984

Circus Krone, Circus Knie, 7th Massy Festival and 24th Monte Carlo Circus Festival Films, 1999 - 2002

Reference code: 178D13.9
Scope and Contents SAT1 TV, 3SAT TV, MDR TV. Colour, sound and background music. DVD1 documentary about Circus Krone showing behind the scenes footage, interviews, performers and acts, build up and take down of the circus and circus children in school, narrated in German, Knie Circus documentary narrated in German, showing behind the scenes footage of animal act rehersals, performers and general workers, taking down the circus and on the road, commercial advertising, American TV sitcom, 03:04:24 mins. DVD2 7th...
Dates: 1999 - 2002

Circus Krone Poster, c1980 - 1989

Reference code: 178R27.44
Scope and Contents

Ulm. Colour illustration of animals and acts.

Dates: c1980 - 1989

Circus Krone Programme, 1 - 28 February 1979

Reference code: 178K41.25
Scope and Contents

Insert of programme only. Various artists. Contains illustration, 4p.p.

Dates: 1 - 28 February 1979

Circus Krone Programme, 1979

Reference code: 178K41.31
Scope and Contents

Various artists. Contains illustrations on cover with photos, 48p.p.

Dates: 1979

Circus Krone Programme, 1980

Reference code: 178K41.34
Scope and Contents

Various artists including Oleg Popov, clown. Contains illustration on cover and photos, 44p.p.

Dates: 1980

Circus Photographs, 1953 - 1992

Reference code: 178C108.974-1170
Scope and Contents

Colour and black and white photographs of Jay Miller's Circus, Mike Austin's Circus, Gerry Cottle's Circus, Robert Brothers Circus, Chipperfield's Circus, Circus Krone, Circus Paulos and Gandey's Circus including tents, performers and acts, also Bertam Mills and Blackpool Tower Circus posters, circus enthisiast events, circus models, also a wedding at Galaxy Circus.

Dates: 1953 - 1992

Cyril Critchlow Collection

Reference code: NFA0089
Scope and Contents The Cyril Critchlow collection contains programmes, posters, handbills, books and magic journals, many of which relate to shows in Blackpool where Cyril resided and includes material on entertainment venues such as Blackpool’s North Pier, Central Pier, South Pier, Tower Circus and a small collection of programmes from other national venues. Additionally, it contains circus photographs and postcards mainly of the Ohmy Circus and Sanger Circus including individual circus troupes and performers...
Dates: c1837 - 2008

Digger Pugh Collection

Reference code: NFA0179
Scope and Contents

Archive of the Digger Pugh family including newspaper cuttings, photographs, negatives, business records, programmes, research material, posters and films.

Dates: c1930 - 2010

Films, 1927 - 2007

Reference code: 178D13
Scope and Contents

Compilation of circus films showing acts on the ring as well as interviews with performers and proprietors, mainly produced by tv companies in the UK and Europe. Many of them narrated in German.

Dates: 1927 - 2007

Films, c1950 - 1959

Reference code: 178D24
Scope and Contents

Please notice that 178D24.4 contains scenes of animal cruelty and human fatalities. Copies of films on DVD format showing performers at various circus around the world, travelling scenes, scenic views, performers behind the scenes, film sets. Black and white and colour, sound.

Dates: c1950 - 1959

German Circuses Programmes, 1952 - 2007

Reference code: 178K43.652
Scope and Contents

Programmes for German circuses including Circus Krone, Aladin, German National Circus, Circus Stey, Circus Nock, Circus Bavaria, Circus Royal, Friedrichstadt-Palast, Alberti, Cirkus Frankello, Hagenbeck, Brumbach and others, containing colour illustrations and photographs on the front covers, inside black and white and colour photographs of perfomers and acts with text, programme and commercial advertising.

Dates: 1952 - 2007