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Gompertz. Moses (c1812 - 1893)



  • Existence: c1812 - 1893


Moses Gompertz was born in c1812. Moses was a panorama proprietor who travelled shows around the UK, including locations in Sheffield, Jersey, London, Brighton and Edinburgh until the mid 1870s.

Gompertz used a combination of photographs, panorama paintings and drawings by artists and travellers or military personnel who made live sketches, as well as painting their own scenes. As it was customary in the sector Gompertz’s shows were a combination of topical news, historic events, famous contemporary battles and travels around the world with an emphasis in colonial and patriotic themes.

Gompertz employed the Poole brothers in 1837, who learnt the business from him and eventually established they own panorama show and Anthony Young, who partnered up with the Poole brother to form Poole & Young.

During the last decade of business Gompertz, which was one of the biggest panorama exhibitors of the time was managed by Moses’ nephew Elijah Pryce (1847-1935). Moses died in 1893.

Found in 9 Collections and/or Records:

Bill Barnes Collection

Reference code: NFA0172
Scope and Contents

Programmes, posters and photographs mainly related to the Poole family's travelling Myriorama show.

Dates: 1881 - 2017

City Hall Poster, c1890

Reference code: 178R53.53
Scope and Contents

Perth. Grand Illiminated Day Exhibitions, Gompertz New Magnificent Panorama Illustrating Lord Elgin's Japan and China and the Crypt of the Holy Sepulchre at Jerusalem, accompanied by appropriate Music and Descriptive Lecture. Black type on white background.

Dates: c1890

Gomp-Ertz Grand Diorama Programme, c1882

Reference code: 178K53.14
Scope and Contents Philarmonic Hall, Southampton, War in Egypt, Mr Owen Vauguard and Miss Marie Coulson, musical act, Fred Medex, Central and Southern Africa, Mr H.M. Stanley's encounter with the natives of the Congo River, Discovery of Livingstone, Tarn Bend, Victoria Falls, Pandanus or screw palm, Horrors of the slave system, Slave market at Zanzibar, Source of the Nile, Victoria Nyanza, Abon Simbel, Second cataract of the Nile, Throne of Pharoah, Nubian water wheel, The sitting statues, Sphynx, Sir Garnet...
Dates: c1882

Gompertz's Gigantic Diorama Poster, c1880 - 1899

Reference code: 178R53.9
Scope and Contents

Corn Exchange, Braintree. Garibaldi's Campaign in Italy and Sicily, Mr Albert Smith's panorama of the tour up the Rhine. Black type on off white background.

Dates: c1880 - 1899

Gompertz's Panorama Tickets, c1852

Reference code: 178Z64.3
Scope and Contents

Tickets for Gompertz's panorama show. Black type on yellow and pink backgrounds.

Dates: c1852

Lecture Hall Poster, Tuesday 3 March c1857

Reference code: 178R53.42
Scope and Contents

St. Andrews. Black type on white background, The Day Exhibition, The Mayor, The Great Oritingal Diorama of the Rhine, Mr Albert Smith, The Queen, Gompertz's Panorama, Garibaldi's Campaign in Italy, City of Genoa, The Battle of Calatafimi, Mount Etna, City and harbour of Messina, The Battle of the Volturno, City of Jerusalem, Crypt of the Holy Secpulchre.

Dates: Tuesday 3 March c1857

Posters, c1880 - 1899

Reference code: 178R53
Scope and Contents

Poster related to the Poole family film shows, Gompertz's diorama and other early cinema travelling shows and venues.

Dates: c1880 - 1899

Scripts for Panoramic Shows, 1854 - 1882

Reference code: 178Z64.5
Scope and Contents

Scripts for Gompertz's Panorama of the late war from Punch, description of the battle of Kassassin and the bombardment of Alexandria and sights of the world. Black type on white and blue backgrounds.

Dates: 1854 - 1882

Various Items of Ephemera, c1800 - 2016

Reference code: 178Z64
Scope and Contents

Various items related to George Walter Poole, Wilton's Music Hall, Henry James Mayer, Alexander Billington, James Upton Printers, Gompertz's panorama show, Poole's Myriorama and Diorama shows and Messrs Strange and Wilson Ghost show. Also includes a theatrical clock with two figures on the sides attracting customers.

Dates: c1800 - 2016