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Tableaux vivants

Subject Source: Local sources

Found in 18 Collections and/or Records:

Argyle Theatre Collection

Reference code: NFA0117
Scope and Contents

This collection contains a large number of posters as well as business records including records of artist bookings, accounts, scrapbooks, contracts and correspondence.

Dates: 1865 - 1941

Argyle Theatre of Varieties Poster, 8 July 1895

Reference code: 178R12.61
Scope and Contents

Argyle Theatre of Varieties, Birkenhead. Mr Frank Caffrey Irish Comedian and Dancer, Marie Olive Ballad and Descriptive Vocalist, The Four Valladolis Acrobatic Tableaux Vivants, Miss Lizzie Chase Vocalist and Dancer, Fred Hastings Comic and Descriptive Vocalist, Gaertner and Richards Sleigh Bell Act, Miss Margery Glen Serio Comic and Descriptive Vocalist, Mr Walter Kino Comic Actor Vocalist. Printed by S. Griffith and Co, typeers, Liverpool. Red and blue type.

Dates: 8 July 1895

Bill Barnes Collection

Reference code: NFA0172
Scope and Contents

Programmes, posters and photographs mainly related to the Poole family's travelling Myriorama show.

Dates: 1881 - 2017

Dreams of Assyria Handbill, 1879

 Item — Box John Barmwell Taylor Box 1: Series 178T1
Reference code: 178T1.12
Scope and Contents

Dreams of Assyria at the Egyptian Hall, Piccadilly. 'Tableaux imbued with the associations of Asiatic splendour. Situations portrayed and narratives recited while vocal and musical accompaniments assist the effect of the pictorial realisations'. Illustrated. Printed by J.B. Lambe and Co., 199 Upper Thames Street, E.C., 4pp.

Dates: 1879

Grand Café Chantant, Restaurant de l'Univers Programme, 1859

 Item — Box John Barmwell Taylor Box 1: Series 178T1
Reference code: 178T1.138
Scope and Contents

Tableaux Vivants at Leicester Square. During the evening, songs will be sung by the celebrated M Sebastian and M and Mad Montanari. Printed by Grant, 14 Orange Street and 4 Red Lion Square, Holborn, 4pp.

Dates: 1859

Grand Victorian Fete Handbill, 1 May 1851

 Item — Box John Barmwell Taylor Box 3: Series 178T1
Reference code: 178T1.299
Scope and Contents

Borini’s Bands of 100 Performers, Tableaux Vivants, The Balloon Ascent by the Celebrated Hampton, and Great Exhibition of Pyrotechniques, at Cremorne House, Chelsea. Only a shilling, balloon included. Printed by John K. Chapman and Company, 5 Shoe Lane and Peterborough Ct., Fleet Street.

Dates: 1 May 1851

Judge and Jury Society Handbill, 1 May 1856

 Item — Box John Barmwell Taylor Box 1: Series 178T1
Reference code: 178T1.110
Scope and Contents

Poses Plastiques, Judge and Jury Society at Coal Hole Tavern. “By the most exquisite female models”.” Coal-Hole is the oldest and best Chop and Steak house in London". Printed by Martin and Snell, Shoe Lane, Fleet Street.

Dates: 1 May 1856

Louise Tussaud's New Exhibition Programme, c1891-1892

Reference code: 178K53.121
Scope and Contents

St. Jame's Great Hall, Oxford Street, Manchester. Black type and colour centre containing the names of Tussaud's staff and officials on the front cover, inside programme listing Mr Percival Craig, Sydney Gandy and Miss Inglefield, Professor Bracken, Living Pictures or Tableaux Vivant and The Grand Panorama, on back cover Chamber of Horrors, 2p.p.

Dates: c1891-1892

Madame Duval's Splendid Tableaux Vivans Handbill, c1849

 Item — Box John Barmwell Taylor Box 1: Series 178T1
Reference code: 178T1.22
Scope and Contents

Living Serpent novelty at Minerva Hall, Haymarket. 'Madame Duval and her talented troupe of male and female artistes.' Accompanied by, 'a magnificent highly trained Living Serpent. The Anaconda just arrived from the Continent.' Used in a series of tableaux, 'Eve tempting Adam, the Indian Girl'.

Dates: c1849

National Fairground and Circus Archive Collection

Reference code: NFA0092
Scope and Contents

Contains thousands of posters, programmes, photographs, handbills, original documents, specialist journals, newspapers and a library containing publications on all the areas of collecting

Dates: c1700 - 2020

Opera Comique Programme, May 1896

Reference code: 178K53.124
Scope and Contents

Strand. Black type on green background on front cover announcing Shamus O'Brien in three tableaux founded on the celebrated poem by Jos. Sheridan Le Fanu, inside commercial advertising and programme listing C. Villiers Standord's new romantic comic opera Shamus O'brien, also contains programme for Olympia listing Chevalier Blondin and Animated pictures by Mr Paul's Theatrograph, 2p.p.

Dates: May 1896

Posters, c1880 - 1940

Reference code: 178R12
Scope and Contents

Large collection of Argyle Theatre posters.

Dates: c1880 - 1940

Programme of Maddle. Duval's Tableaux Vivans Handbill, 1849

 Item — Box John Barmwell Taylor Box 2: Series 178T1
Reference code: 178T1.211
Scope and Contents

Lucie Duval at Music Hall, Newcastle. Series of Tableaux presented by various performers.

Dates: 1849

Programmes , 1881 - 2016

Reference code: 178K53
Scope and Contents

Pre-Film and variety and music hall programmes mainly related to the travelling shows of Joseph Poole and Harry Poole, Harry H. Hamilton, Mapleston Brothers and Adams but it also includes other showmen.

Dates: 1881 - 2016

The Harry H. Hamilton's Excursions, Queen and Empire Programme, c1897

Reference code: 178K53.50
Scope and Contents Columbia, Manchester Picadilly, Liverpool Lime Street, Queenstown, S.S. Teotonic, New York, The lengend of Rip-Van-Winke, Tableaux vivant, Louisiana, New Orleans, Imperial Great Britain, Quebec, Hong Kong, Australia, The S.S. Arundel Castle, South Africa, Gibraltar, Holland, The Queenboro' Flushing route, London, Portsmouth, Windsor Castle, Harry H. Hamilton's variety organization, Flying Dillons, gymnastic act, The 4 Valladolis, acrobatic act, Japa and Japo, equilibrist act, Martinnette...
Dates: c1897

The Lord Chief Baron Nicholson Handbill, 1 May 1858

 Item — Box John Barmwell Taylor Box 1: Series 178T1
Reference code: 178T1.112
Scope and Contents

Poses Plastiques and Tableaux Vivans, The Judge and Jury Society at Cider Cellars. "The sittings of the Judge & Jury society - During which the 'great social evil' which is now agitating and exciting the attention of society is ably discussed and determined by public opinion". Printed by J.W. Peel’s Steam Machine, 74 New Cut, Lambeth.

Dates: 1 May 1858

The Palace Theatre of Varieties Programme, 6 July 1895

Reference code: 178K53.41
Scope and Contents

Elsa May, Will Crackles, Miss Rose Dearing, J.C. Harrington, La Belle Rose, The Tiller Troupe, Clara Wieland, R.H. Douglass, Cissie Loftus, O'Brien and Redding, Miss Lottie Collins, John Le Hay, Tableaux Vivants. Three fold programme with red, gold and blue type and colour illustration of a women dancing, lifting the sides of her skirt in the centre, on the sides colour illstrations of a building exterior and interior, inside programme and commercial advertising.

Dates: 6 July 1895

The Palace Theatre of Variety Programme, 28 April 1902

Reference code: 178K53.82
Scope and Contents

Three fold programme with black illustration of a woman dancing, illustration of interior and exterior views of the building and a female performer on the outside, on the inside programme listing Harry Drew, Mabel Allen, Katie Vesey, Professor Dunca and his troupe of Collie dogs, May Belfort, The Follies, Maude Courtney, G.H. Chirgwin, Tableaux Vivants, The Madcaps, Datas, Quatuor Basque and The American Biograph. Contains commercial advertisements.

Dates: 28 April 1902