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Musical performances

Subject Source: Unesco Thesaurus

Found in 394 Collections and/or Records:

A Great Harmonic Meeting Handbill, c1851

 Item — Box John Barmwell Taylor Box 1: Series 178T1
Reference code: 178T1.35
Scope and Contents

Professional Gentlemen at the Piano Forte at John Broome’s The Sun Tavern. Exhibition of Popular songs, duets and glees by Mr John Broome. Printed by Stuart, 38 Rupert Street, Haymarket.

Dates: c1851

Adam Smith Centre Kirkcaldy, Fife Poster, 18 February 1980

Reference code: 178R11.162
Scope and Contents

‘An Evening with Al Jolson and Friends’ portrayed by Steve King, Special guest, Charlie Williams. Red and black type on yellow background.

Dates: 18 February 1980

Adam Smith Centre Kirkcaldy Poster, 15 March 1976

Reference code: 178R11.170
Scope and Contents

The Dixie Minstrel Show featuring John Boulter with Reg Lester and David Lee. Red and black with border.

Dates: 15 March 1976

Adam Smith Centre Kirkcaldy Poster, 11 April 1977

Reference code: 178R11.187
Scope and Contents

The Al Jolson Minstrel Show featuring Clinton Ford. Red and blue type on yellow background.

Dates: 11 April 1977

Adam's New Diorama of Scotland Programme, 18 April 1885

Reference code: 178K53.8
Scope and Contents

Victoria Hall, Glasgow, 50 paintings illustrating cities, towns, mountains, rivers,lochs and the coast of Scotland, Scottish songs, solos, duets and humourous selections. Maroon type on brown background and maroon illustrations of views and architecture on the front cover inside programme, marron illustration of female figure and a deer on landscape, also press reviews inside and on the back cover, 2p.p.

Dates: 18 April 1885

Albany Ward’s Palace Electric Poster, 28 December 1910 - 1923

Reference code: 178R36.6
Scope and Contents The Triangle, Yeovil, 2 Lombards 2, the Belgina muscular marvels, Shadows of the Past, a grand Vitagraph drama, The Bosun’s Mate, the last of the W.W. Jacobs’ series, Dorothy Lena, comedienne, Bully Boy, Jack and the Beanstalk, a grand pantomime picture, Comedy and Tragedy, a fine film adapted from the famous opera, Ben Jackson, in banjo tricks and witticisms. White, green and red type on white background with red border and season’s greetings surrounded by green holly and red berries....
Dates: 28 December 1910 - 1923

Aldershot Hippodrome Poster, 14 September 1931 and during the week

Reference code: 178R38.12
Scope and Contents

Neil Kenyon comedian, Nixon Grey comedian, Harry Taft the new M.P., Norman Court comedian with dog, Gatcum & Dawson, Handby Celeine Trio skaters, Lou Radford xylophonist, Art & Jean Kildare singers and dancers, Pathe Supersound gazette. Red and green type on cream background with red border. Printed by T.J.S. Guilford & Co. Ltd, Printers, Kingston-on-Thames-1266 G.T.

Dates: 14 September 1931 and during the week

Alhambra Theatre of Varieties Programme, 5 July 1897

Reference code: 178K53.43
Scope and Contents

Leicester Square, London, Emmy's Trained Toy Terriers, The Tzigane, Musical Dale, Dagmar and De Celle, Mlle La Tostia, May and Flora Hengler, The Frank Bonhair Troupe of Acrobats, Miss Cissie Loftus, Victoria and Merrie England, Sells and Young. Colour illustration of chrubs and two women floating in the air holding wreaths of flowers and a banner with the theatre's name on it on a golden background on the front, on the reverse programme, 1p.

Dates: 5 July 1897

Another Grand Ball by the Mayor Handbill, c1820 - 1839

 Item — Box John Barmwell Taylor Box 2: Series 178T1
Reference code: 178T1.198
Scope and Contents

Grand ball and portraits by artists of the Hubard Gallery at Nottingham. The words "Another Grand Ball by the Mayor" are in huge letters and between them are the explanation and details of the exhibition of the paintings of local people at a recent ball. Printed B.S. Oliver, Nottingham.

Dates: c1820 - 1839

Another Popular Fete and Garden Party Handbill, 17 - 19 September 1887

 Item — Box John Barmwell Taylor Box 1: Series 178T1
Reference code: 178T1.186
Scope and Contents

Grand Open Air Concerts, Bowling, Swinging and Shooting at Kennington Liberal & Radical Club. Garden party including Dancing & Open Air Concerts. Printed by Kent and Matthews, 96 Wandsworth Road, S.W.

Dates: 17 - 19 September 1887

Arcadia (The Victory Theatre) Programme, c1900 - 1950

Reference code: 178K27.89
Scope and Contents

Colwyn Bay. Catlin’s Royal Pierrots. Also at Scarborough, Llandudno and Touring Company. Mr Jackson Brown comedian, Mr Percy R. Willing pianist & accompanist, Mr James Carson comedian, Mr Louis Fredericks, Miss May A. Willis comedienne & dancer, Mr Sidney Frere, Mr Scott Richards basso, Miss Rita Hope soprano, Miss Ethel Beech soubrette. Contains handwritten notes. Printed by WH Smith & Son, Printers, St Nicholas Street, Scarborough, 8p.p.

Dates: c1900 - 1950

Argyle Theatre Collection

Reference code: NFA0117
Scope and Contents

This collection contains a large number of posters as well as business records including records of artist bookings, accounts, scrapbooks, contracts and correspondence.

Dates: 1865 - 1941

Argyle Theatre of Varieties Poster, Week commencing 10 November 1890

Reference code: 178R27.3
Scope and Contents Birkenhead. Miss Maud Distin Lady Baritone, Mr Ben Fielding, Miss Nellie Gertine Double-voiced Vocalist, Mad’lle Desirie in ‘Mystia’ a series of charming illusions, Brothers Bondolas The Monarchs of the Air, Mr Andy Rhyne Eccentric Knockabout Vocalist, Acrobat & Grotesque, Miss Julia Hanson Burlesque Actress, Mr George Ripon Comedian, Miss Eva Johnson Serio-Ballad Vocalist, Mr Joe Fredricks 'negro' Comedian and Dancer, Mons. Dusoni’s Great and Unequalled Troupe of Trained Performing Dogs...
Dates: Week commencing 10 November 1890

Argyle Theatre of Varieties Poster, Week commencing Monday 14 January 1895

Reference code: 178R27.5
Scope and Contents Birkenhead. Sergt. Simms’ Columbian Cadets, Twelve Genuine 'Negro' Boys from the Bahama Islands in ‘Le Bivouac’, Miss Nellie Gertine Character Baritone Vocalist, The Durhams Incomparable Dancers, The Minting Troupe in New Pantomimic Absurdity ‘Fun On the, Road’ introducing AH Minting, the World’s Greatest Trick, Cyclist’, Walter Pussord Premier Prestidigitateur, Illusionist and Humorist, Nassau Piccaninnies Moonlight Shadow dance, May Morton Serio-Comedienne and Characteristic Vocalist, Miss...
Dates: Week commencing Monday 14 January 1895

Argyle Theatre of Varieties Poster, 18 November 1889

Reference code: 178R12.5
Scope and Contents Argyle Theatre of Varieties, Birkenhead. Richard Geldard character comedian, Miss Florence Eugene, Messrs. Milton and Norris Pantomimists, musicians and acrobatic dancers, J.B. Sinclair English, Irish and Scotch descriptive and motto vocalist, The Clayton twins English, American and Dutch Character impersonators, The Comical Puzzle or, which is which of the two? Assisted by sisters Wood and Willis, Will Hoare novelty dancer, Mr Harry Carsdale mimic. Printed by S. Griffith and Co, typeers,...
Dates: 18 November 1889

Argyle Theatre of Varieties Poster, 24 February 1890

Reference code: 178R12.8
Scope and Contents Argyle Theatre of Varieties, Birkenhead. The Olympian Quintette American Humorists, Sweet Vocalists introducing Glees, Trios and Miscellaneous Song, Emilie Presto Serio-comic, Hornpipe and Scottish Dancer, Captain Austin Champion Rifle Shot of the World, Jim Henderson Vocal Comedian and Dancer, Burns and Leech Merry Whimsical Musical Pair, Mr Fred Howe Comedian, high Pedestal Acrobatic Blade Skate, Dancer and Variety Artiste, Messrs. Cornish, Hardy, Sampson and the Bros. Slocum, American...
Dates: 24 February 1890

Argyle Theatre of Varieties Poster, 31 March 1890

Reference code: 178R12.11
Scope and Contents Argyle Theatre of Varieties, Birkenhead. The Lombartos England’s Premier Musical Clowns, Flo Hazel Tyrolean Vocalist and Dancer, Mr Will Bishop Top-Boot and Hornpipe Dancer, Brothers Forrester Knockabout Irish Comedians, Vocalists and Dancers, Mr Marcus Boyle Character Comedian, Harry Leon Variety Artiste and Dancer, Sisters Reefern the Original ‘Lancashire Witches’, Johnny and Marcella Hargreaves Variety Entertainers and Dancers for Easter Monday April 7th, Darby, Handford and Spry, Flo...
Dates: 31 March 1890

Argyle Theatre of Varieties Poster, 13 October 1890

Reference code: 178R12.14
Scope and Contents Argyle Theatre of Varieties, Birkenhead. The Baldwin Cat Renowned Parachutist!, Miss Selina Seaford Operatic and Ballad Vocalist Will Tyrrell New Lion Comique, Miss Peggy Pond Mimic, Vocalist, Actress and Dancer, Messrs. Bickley and Barron Refined Musical Comedian, Duettists and Dancers Bob Martin ‘Silence and Fun’, Miss Florence Hayes Everybody’s Favourite Patriotic, Extempore and Serio-Comic Lady, T.H. Spears, Military Monarch Vocal Character and Descriptive, Vocalist, Mr. A.P. Boswell...
Dates: 13 October 1890

Argyle Theatre of Varieties Poster, 2 February 1891

Reference code: 178R12.17
Scope and Contents

Argyle Theatre of Varieties, Birkenhead. Donaldson Brothers America’s Greatest and Most Marvellous performers, Mr. J.H. Haslam Comic Singer and Champion Dancer, Charlie Joy Serio-Comic Singer and Champion dancer, The Musical Mataros, Edgar Izon Vocalist, Mr Arthur West Vocalist, Nellie North Serio-Comic and Dancer, Forrest combination in "Sunshine after Rain". Printed by S. Griffith and Co, typeers, Liverpool. Red and green type.

Dates: 2 February 1891

Argyle Theatre of Varieties Poster, 2 November 1891

Reference code: 178R12.19
Scope and Contents Argyle Theatre of Varieties, Birkenhead. Sam Jesson Comedian, Miss Maud Hilton The Tyrolean Queen, Miss Edith Clare Burlesque, Mr Harry Shaw Musical Comedian, Miss Amy Russell Soprano Vocalist, Tony Griffin Feeney Redivivus, Irish Comedian, Miss Georgina Boyack Female Jester, Sandro Vio Famous Wizard King and Comic Conjuror, Miss Eva Merrywood Singer and Dancer, Robinsons Scotch, Irish and American Artistes, Mr W. Randall Robsonian Comic and Actor, Mr J.C. Heffron Character Comedian,...
Dates: 2 November 1891