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The London Palladium (Established 1910)



  • Existence: Established 1910


The London Palladium is a Grade II listed theatre located on Argyll Street, London. The Palladium was built in 1910 by Walter Gibbons on the site of the Corinthian Bazaar, a temporary wooden building which traded in birds.

The first time the building was used as a performing venue was when Fredrick Hengler, from the Hengler circus family rebuilt it as a circus in the early 1860s. Following this period the building was turned into an ice rink, which was a very popular past time at the time and it was renamed National Skating Palace, however, this venture did not prove successful and the building was soon reinstated as a performance venue, converting it into a theatre of varieties redesigned by Frank Matcham, at which point the theatre was named The Palladium. Between 1910 and 1928 The Palladium hosted a successful repertoire of variety, pantomime and moving picture shows and became the regular host of the Royal Variety Performance.

In 1928 the Palladium was taken over by impresario and producer George Black, who managed it until his death in 1945.

In 1955 under the management of Valentine Charles Parnell, The Palladium gained a contract with ITV to host the TV show Sunday Night at the London Palladium, which run until 1967.

By the year 2000 Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Really Useful Group took ownership of the Palladium, which continues holding successful shows and TV contracts including Britain’s Got Talent.

Found in 12 Collections and/or Records:

Circus Friends Association Collection

Reference code: NFA0122
Scope and Contents

This collection consists of a large library of books and journals, as well as archival material including posters, programmes, photographs, films, handbills, research material, scrapbooks, original artwork and many other items of ephemera relating to British, Irish and European circuses

Dates: 1795 - 2020

Cyril Critchlow Collection

Reference code: NFA0089
Scope and Contents The Cyril Critchlow collection contains programmes, posters, handbills, books and magic journals, many of which relate to shows in Blackpool where Cyril resided and includes material on entertainment venues such as Blackpool’s North Pier, Central Pier, South Pier, Tower Circus and a small collection of programmes from other national venues. Additionally, it contains circus photographs and postcards mainly of the Ohmy Circus and Sanger Circus including individual circus troupes and performers...
Dates: c1837 - 2008

Films, 1927 - 2007

Reference code: 178D13
Scope and Contents

Compilation of circus films showing acts on the ring as well as interviews with performers and proprietors, mainly produced by tv companies in the UK and Europe. Many of them narrated in German.

Dates: 1927 - 2007

London Palladium Poster, Commencing 23 December 1957

Reference code: 178R27.155
Scope and Contents

Robinson Crusoe, Arthur Askey, David Whitefield, Tommy Cooper and others. Contains colour illustrations and photographs.

Dates: Commencing 23 December 1957

London Palladium Poster, Commencing 17 January 1975

Reference code: 178R27.161
Scope and Contents

Peter Pan, Lulu, Ron Moody, Rachel Gurney and others. Contains illustration. Printed by electric (Modern) Printing Co. Ltd., Manchester.

Dates: Commencing 17 January 1975

London Palladium Poster, December 1974

Reference code: 178R27.162
Scope and Contents

Tommy Steele in Hans Anderson. Colour poster and black and white photos.

Dates: December 1974

London Palladium Poster, June 1991

Reference code: 178R27.170
Scope and Contents

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Contains colour illustration. Printed by Dewynters PLC London.

Dates: June 1991

Posters, c1887 - 2010

Reference code: 178R27
Scope and Contents

Circus, variety, pantomime and magic posters including Argyle theatre, Liverpool Empire, Blackpool Tower Circus, Robert Brothers, Austen Brothers, Sorcar, Vesta Tilley, Ken Dodd, Dan Leno, Florrie Forde and others.

Dates: c1887 - 2010

Royal Variety Performance Programme, 17 November 1980

Reference code: 178K27.113
Scope and Contents

The London Palladium. Dame Anna Neagle, Danny Kaye and many others. Contains colour photographs of the acts, 104p.p.

Dates: 17 November 1980

The Magnificent Showman, Cirque du Soleil and Ken Dodd Films, 1964 - 1990

Reference code: 178D13.14
Scope and Contents

Bronston Studios, Telemagik Productions Inc., Thames Television Plc. Colour, sound and background music. DVD1 The Magnificent Showman starring Claudia Cardinale, John Wayne and Rita Hayworth, 02:11:51 mins. DVD2 Cirque du Soleil tv broadcast 1989, Ken Dodd at the London Palladium 1990 tv broadcast, includes other acts, a Thames Television production for ITV, other TV programmes at the end, 02:29:21 mins. America and England.

Dates: 1964 - 1990

The Palladium Programme, 29 December 1913

Reference code: 178K53.131
Scope and Contents

Colour illustration of the façade of the building on the front cover, inside commercial advertisements and programme listing Fred Earle, Cissie Lupino, Adele Moraw, Albert Whelan, Little Tich, I Do Like Your Eyes revue and Ruffell's Imperial Bioscope, 6p.p.

Dates: 29 December 1913

The Palladium Programme, 1 January 1917

Reference code: 178K53.132
Scope and Contents

Purple and white illustration of the façade of the building on the front cover, inside commercial advertisments and programme listing Michael E. Fitzgerald and his club juggling girls, Vernon Watson, The Versatile Four, Tom Wong Troupe the Chinese juggler, Coram ventriloquist, Ella Shields, The Two Bobs, R. G. Knowles, Maidie Scott, George Mozart and Ruffell's Imperial Bioscope, 6p.p.

Dates: 1 January 1917